Painter CEO  
Painter CEO is a Shining Consulting initiative. We invite CEOs of the world to
act in a different paradigm and inspire them to express themselves through art.
Shining Consulting
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The world is moving very fast with digital technology. All industries are being pressurized to deliver perceptive differentiation in this
very competitive business landscape. You cannot use any process
of an enterprise, any mould or discipline to create perceptible
differentiation. It requires a different idea generation methodology that’s beyond the obvious. So the collection of paintings by Painter CEOs can trigger a whole organization to bring a collective creative idea for product or service differentiation. Actually the Painter CEO
initiative seeks to encourage every company to become very
creative. Already the 36 very successful CEOs who are Painter
CEOs are now a part of an exclusive club. Their wonderful artistic
expressions and concepts using brushes can inspire future CEOs
of the world to clock in continuous creative idea generation in
their careers.
Visual art in business
Art in business can create a strong bond between the employee
and the enterprise. In today’s global business field,
commoditization has become a bane. Visual art is the only venue that is totally unlimited for idea generation. Art can create
partnerships among people in a totally different paradigm, thus
changing the uni-dimensional language of business. A company’s
corporate goal, vision, core values, employee bonding or diversity
initiatives can be totally driven by visual art.
Unconstrained avenue
Messaging the employee upto the end customer with verbose text in today’s Internet social networking era has too much of a uni-dimensional effect. Powerful visual art centric messaging for
stakeholders is more powerful and not boring. It can express
multiple aspects in unlimited ways to the diverse world.
Digi Zapper
Digi Zapper
Painter CEOs first gathering in the art exhibition in
Painter CEO first exhibition participant on 6th March, 2010 at National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai
From left to right:
Nayan Mani Borah, Chairman & Managing Director, Oil India Ltd.,
Pranab Barua, CEO, Textile & Apparel Business, Aditya Birla Group,
Pranab Datta, Vice Chairman & MD, Knight Frank India,
Harsh Mariwala,
Chairman & MD, Marico,
R Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director, Tata Sons,
Keshub Mahindra,
Chairman, M&M,
Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds,
Vineet Agrawal, President, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, Sumeet Mehta, CEO, Zee Learn
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Colourfull growth Limca
Employee passion with colors
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