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Painter CEO is a Shining Consulting initiative. We invite CEOs of the world to
act in a different paradigm and inspire them to express themselves through art.
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Painter CEO is an initiative started by Shombit Sengupta, Chairman of Shining Consulting, to inspire CEOs of every company to ideate beyond business boundaries. He advocates that working on a disruptive platform with execution excellence leads to great business results that sustain.
The disruption created by Painter CEOs who held colours on a brush to put on canvas was recognized by Limca Book of Records as being totally unique. It is a first time in the world disruptive approach that CEOs have been asked to take the challenge of communicating with colours, which they have executed with excellence.
From his vast working experience with CEOs worldwide, Shombit is convinced that CEOs have a creative mindframe. To orchestrate an organization’s multifarious functions, from internal nitty-gritties to juggling the diverse open environment outside, CEOs exhibit ingenious imagination beyond managerial capability. Shombit’s idea was to capture CEOs as they painted their imagination on canvas. That painting will sustain over time, although on completing their work tenure, even the best of CEOs will retire into oblivion as time goes by.
Each and every one of the CEO paintings is very valuable. It arrests the CEO’s state-of-being in the most productive time of his/her professional lifetime. Shombit has created a recognition value of the creative power of CEOs beyond their enterprise work, and retained that sensitive emotion on canvas for posterity. It freezes this unique piece of art into corporate memorabilia for the appreciation and understanding of that CEO’s handling of his imagination in a complex, productive span of his/her life.
How did it all start? At the end of 2009, Shombit sent out letters to a few CEO he knew saying, “I want to meet you for an hour for just a crazy creative session, no business, no sex. If you really love me you will do it, if not, I know you will not find the time for me. Please let me know whether I can meet you at your office ...”
Of course the “no sex” part was deleted from letters to women CEOs! Everybody gave time, and was curious to see what would transpire. Shombit went to the CEOs’ offices, a few of them he met at their homes, with a big suitcase filled with acrylic paints, paint brushes, a color palette and 18”x24” canvas pad and his camera.
He’d arrive at the office building pulling his trolley bag while heads turned to see that he was entering the CEO’s chamber. The CEO’s smiling greeting would display the “What’s going on?” look, as without much ado, Shombit would start to arrange all the art material on the CEO’s table.
He’d clear the table of the laptop or any other office papers and instruments there, start pressing the tubes of different coloured paints on to the palette, arrange to fill water in the tubs he’d carried in the suitcase, dip the paint brushes there, and put a cotton wiping duster next to the canvas. Not believing the scene unfolding in front of his very eyes, the CEO would enquire, “Are you going to paint now?”
Obviously all the CEOs knew that Shombit started life as an artist and is renowned for his art today, having held exhibitions of his paintings in several cities in Europe and India. Shombit would smile broadly and to the astonishment of the CEO say, “No, you are going to paint!” This is the way the Painter CEO adventure started.
Disruptive platform with execution excellence
“I want to meet you for an hour for just a crazy creative session, no business, no sex. If you really love me you will do it, if not, I know you will not find the time for me. Please let me know whether I can meet you at your office …..”
Shombit Sengupta
This is how Shombit went to meet the Painter CEOs
Shombit Sengupta
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